3rd June 2022

BEAI Bid to host 2028 World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

The BEAI, in conjunction with the IAPM, are bidding for the IUPESM World Congress 2028 – the proposal is being presented for voting at this year’s IUPESM World Congress in Singapore, which commences on the 12th of June 2022. Please encourage colleagues internationally to vote for Ireland to bring this prestigious event to our country – voting takes place during the IFMBE and IOMP General Assembly’s during the World Congress.

Further details and a link to our video presentation can be found here

4th European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP)

The deadline for the early bird registration for ECMP 2022 in Dublin has been extended until the 7th of June.

ECMP 2022 | 4th European Congress of Medical Physics


The theme of ECMP 2022 is Multiple Energies, Single Patient Focus. This represents the many strands of medical physics, which all operate at different energies and strengths and how, when they come together, they maximise the benefit to every patient. Ireland is an island nation with a strong history of sharing knowledge and connecting people. Here, we are all well aware of the importance of science without borders. The idea of the 2022 Congress is to reflect this connectivity between physicists and the sense of community.


EFOMP represents more than 9000 medical physicists and clinical engineers working in the field of medical physics. Through ECMP we hope to connect these physicists and those from other nations.


For more information visit www.ecmp2022.org

MyHealth@EU - Electronic Cross-Border Health Services in the EU

EU citizens value their healthcare. Many of us also travel, work or study in other EU countries. It is reassuring to know that in the event that you fall ill or experience a health emergency during your stay in another EU country, electronic cross-border health services – ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries – will be available in European countries to protect and assist travellers, under the brand “MyHealth@EU”. These services enable citizens in Europe to benefit from healthcare in their country of travel in the same way that they benefit in their country of residence – via a new digital communication channel. This secure channel enables eHealth national services to connect and exchange patients’ health data rapidly, safely and efficiently. Your personal data will always be treated and protected in accordance with existing EU legislation and with current practices in both your country of residence and your country of travel. In addition, before a health professional accesses any of your data, he or she should inform you about your rights. The new electronic cross-border health services are being established progressively in 25 EU countries until the end of 2025. For the latest updates on the countries which are currently offering these services, please take a look at our Europa webpage. This booklet provides information on what ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries services are – and on how to use, and benefit from them.

European Commission, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, My Health @ EU : electronic cross-border health services in the EU (Ireland), Publications Office, 2020, https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2875/65129

Further information can be found here

Be Cyber Safe while Online at work

Complete the new Cyber Awareness training on HSELand at https://www.hseland.ie/dash/Account/Login 

Visit the HSE to view tips and guidance on cyber securfity and how to be more vigilant when working with emails and text messages https://healthservice.hse.ie/staff/procedures-guidelines/cyber-security/ 


Global Clinical Engineeirng Journal

The latest edition of the Global Clinical Engineeirng Journal is available here

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