1 Apr 2019 - 8:00am
April - Date, Time and Venue to Be Decided Overview

To provide an overview of all the current topics in the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes employed in the decontamination of re-usable invasive medical devices.


The Course Will Cover:
  1. Overview from the HSE National Decontamination Lead

  2. Centralisation of Decontamination units CSSD / Endoscopy

  3. New Decontamination Technology – Low Temp Sterilisers

  4. National Decontamination Track & Trace Programme / Interfacing requirements

  5. National Validation Tender Outcome

  6. What to look for in IQ OQ PQ Validation documents

  7. New HSE Decontamination Standards for Endoscopy

  8. New HSE Decontamination Standards for Ultrasound

  9. TOE Decontamination

  10. National Capital Equipment  Replacement Programme

  11. Procurement – National Decontamination Tender

  12. HIQA Audits


Learning Approach

Classroom /Workshops

Learning Outcomes & CPD Points

At the end of the course, each trainee will have an understanding of the current national decontamination projects which they might come up against in the near future.

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