Ventilation Science and Technology

30 May 2019 - 5:45pm

A detailed and comprehensive course, covering history of Ventilation, workstations, Electrical Safety, this course will bring participants right up to date, with current guidelines and practices in managing ventilation systems and safety.

Who Should Attend?

Clinical Engineers, Allied Health Care Professionals, Physiotherapists, Health & Social Care Professionals, Community Nurses and Clinicians. 


Course Format

The course will be class room format with practical demonstrations, questions and answers.

  1. History of Ventilation

  2. Respiratory Physiology

  3. Ventilation Science

  4. Types and Classes of Ventilators

  5. Standard Ventilation Modes, Waveforms and Technology

  6. Specialisation Ventilation Modes, Waveforms and Technology

  7. The Ventilator – at System Level

  8. The Patient Ventilation Environment, Workstations and Associated Equipment

  9. Dehumidification and Nebulisation

  10. General Safety, and Electrical Safety Standards, and Awareness as applied to the Ventilator Environment

  11. Ventilator Set Up and Checklist Protocols

  12. Ventilator Technology Standards

  13. Ventilator Fault Finding, Troubleshooting and Testing

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