Reflective Learning Report Guidelines


All course attendees must submit a Reflective Learning Report following attendance at any of the Continuing Education for Clinical Engineers Series lectures. The report should be submitted within 3 weeks of the lecture. CPD certificates will be issued if submitted within this timeframe and following receipt of a ‘Best Effort’ reflective learning report. Reports should be at least 500 words but we recommend that you work towards 1500 words.
The Reflective Learning Report will consolidate your learning from this event. It makes it more likely that you will implement your learning. You have invested your time and energy in attending this event, so you will want to maximize the return on that.
  • Background

Why are you here?
What were you expecting?

  • Self- Analysis
What did you want to learn?
Have you identified some particular areas where you want to build your knowledge and skills? And might this encourage you towards more learning?
  • Application in Context
Give an example of where you might apply this learning, even retrospectively. Consider something you worked on before that you might do differently now. Use the tools presented to you. Look up relevant literature (you can use Google scholar to find academic literature) related to this topic and comment on it. Reference 2 or 3 articles you have read.
  • Evaluation
Was this an effective session. Consider the context, presenters, material and whether your learning will impact on the way you work.
  • Actions and Applications
In your work, are you going to change what you do and how you might do it? If not, why not? Identify any specific actions you want to take to improve how you work.
  • References (at least 2-3)

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