Spectrum 2013 Autumn

Spectrum 2013 Autumn
Publication date: 
4 Oct 2013


Special Edition: BEAI 21st Anniversary

BEAI Chairperson’s Address
I took up my role as Chairperson of the BEAI at the AGM during the summer. I feel genuinely honoured to be in the role, because of the momentum built up by various executive committees over the years. At last year’s Annual Scientific Meeting, Peter Grainger presented a colourful history of the BEAI right from the first meeting in Harcourt Street all those years ago. I am proud to be a part of what the BEAI has become. I receive many emails every day, from the members of the Executive Committee regarding decisions to be made and paths to be taken and I am struck by how hard my colleagues are working for us  the membership of the BEAI. As for any voluntary organisation, the challenge is for people to see a reason to be bothered to get involved. So, why should people get involved in running the BEAI? When Clinical Engineers initially met to discuss establishing an organisation with common professional goals, the issues which mattered most were networking and education. Networking is often thought of as a dirty word, but it is not, it’s simply about belonging to a group of people who will share their knowledge and offer advice. A desire for education is about a desire to improve knowledge and skills and also to be seen to be functioning at a certain standard. These goals of the BEAI are as relevant today as they were when the BEAI was established, and over those years the BEAI has had many achievements, and has been part of a multi-pronged approach to the development of the profession, but not all those achievements have been capitalised on and that is where we need to look now. The BEAI has momentum, it has good people, it has credibility, it works for its membership, and now I would ask you to be one of the architects of its future: voice your opinions, give your time, give vent to your ideas. We are a network with much to give and plenty to learn.

Meabh Smith,
Chairperson BEAI

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