Spectrum 2014 Spring

Publication date: 
1 Mar 2014
Spectrum 2014 Spring

3 Editoral
4 News
6 Sarah Hinds, Derek Farrell, David Farrell, Frank A Kelly, Aidan McCormack – Paracentesis: a faster more convenient technique
9 Madi Yousif, Derek Farrell, Professor Aongus Curran – Analysis of toxic gas exposure during head and neck surgery
10 Irish Medicines Board – Medical devices vigilance and the role of the IMB
12 Oleg Shrolik – Standards – an update
15 A novel technology to non-invasively measure continuos cardiac output from ECG and SpO2
16 Brian Kearney – An analysis of the electrocardiogram signal
22 Michael Sugrue – A vision: bringing our medical past to the present, for all
24 Rega relies on HAMILTON-T1ventilators: reducing risks in transport ventilation
26 Kieran Healy – Roving reporter
28 Meabh Smith – Health technology assessment – where do clinical engineers come in?
31 Whitewater Foundation raises €60,000 for three children’s hospitals
32 Dr Douglas McG Clarkson – Pulse oximetry: accuracy, patient safety and clinical risk seminar
34 Spectrum Diary