2018 Health and Social Care Professions - Professional Development Opportunities 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The BEAI has been offered a number of places on courses running in 2018.  Please note, these are not organised by the BEAI, but are open to BEAI members.  If you are interested in attending any of these, please contact: as soon as possible.  Let us know your name, place of work and the course you are interested in.

Kind regards

Meabh Smith


National Survey to determine the Knowledge of IEC 80001-1

Dear Colleagues

Please see below details of some research being carried out by a clinical engineering colleague Tony Fitzgerald on the knowledge of IEC 80001. Tony is the Principle Clinical Engineer with extensive experience in both the hospital and commercial healthcare sector. He has recently been seconded from OLCHC to play a lead role in healthcare technology planning and equipping for the New Children’s Hospital. He is a graduate of Carlow RTC and currently undertaking an MSC in Health Informatics in Trinity College.